Ball of Whacks

Your boss wants a new proposal for the big presentation. The trouble is, she only told you about it two hours ago and the meeting is in twenty minutes! You open up a new window about ready to spill out brilliance, when you hear the sound of air hissing. That is the sound of your imagination popping a flat. In mere seconds, you mind is blank and your job is hanging in the balance. That’s when you grab your Ball of Whacks. It will help; it always does. The Ball of Whacks is an amazing new toy by creative genius extraordinaire Roger von Oech (author of A Whack in the Side of the Head, A Kick in the Seat of the Pants, and more!) It is composed of 30 magnetic pyramids (180 über-powerful, rare earth magnets in total) which can be manipulated into a variety of shapes. Also included is a pocket sized book which will lead you through a variety of games and exercises to help get the juices of your stalled mind flowing again. Hey, there are balls you can play with at work and balls you can’t – the Ball of Whacks might just save your job. Plus, it’s super fun seeing what new and crazy shapes you can create. Time to get Whacky!

Classic Simon
Alien Flyer R/C


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