Battlestar Galactica – The Complete Epic Series

Lorne Greene, Dirk Benedict, Richard Hatch. Every big-budget adventure of the original ragtag Galactica crew as they accumulate survivors of decimated planets, evade their robotic pursuers and search for the distant, mythical planet known as Earth.” Includes 24 episodes on 6 DVDs in collectible Cylon Head packaging. 1978-79/color/19 hrs/NR/fullscreen.

NOTE:Disc 4 and Disc 5 are single -sided disc whereas Disc 1,2,3,6 are Double-sided disc.

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Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series [Blu-ray]


K. Cannon "katatonia2" says:

One-Year Cult Series Still Remembered Twenty-four years after its cancellation after just one season on the air, Galactica is still remembered fondly by a surprising number of fans. Is there any other one-year series this famous a generation later? None that I can think of. Here’s a rundown of the seventeen episodes that make up this box set collection of every episode of “Battlestar Galactica.”

Mark Savary "moon_city" says:

Great DVD boxset of the classic original series! I just finished viewing all of the content in the Battlestar Galactica DVD boxset. It took me nearly two weeks to view all of the episodes and extra features. There is an enormous amount of material to go through on this set.

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