• Victorian Retro Phone Handset

    Nothing ruins a perfectly-crafted steampunk costume quite like pulling your iPhone out of your trousers or skirts to take a call. Bubble of suspended disbelief, popped. We wanted to find an inexpensive way of being able to take a call on the convention floor without dropping character. Bam! This lightweight beauty fell from the sky [More]
  • Sparkly Sprockets Charm Bracelet

    For lovers of steampunk and makers alike. Silver gear with clear crystals filling the spaces between the teeth. Sterling silver. These beads have really large holes and will fit all major brands of bracelet (including PANDORA, Chamilia, Biagi, Troll). We have compatibility issues every day with our computers. We don’t need them with our jewelry. [More]
  • Reactor Core Cufflinks

    There are many reasons one might choose to wear reactor cores as cufflinks. Perhaps you are infiltrating a fancy party on an enemy zeppelin, and the reactor cores are a necessary part of a secret plan. Alternatively, you may be preparing for a long train journey, and you need to pack all of your gadgets [More]
  • Navitron Steampunk Wrist Compass and Sundial

    The wind blows through your hair as you steer your personal dirigible along the wispy seas of air. For a moment, you forget yourself in the beauty of it all. But then you remember the lunch meeting you have. You quickly look to your wrist, get your bearings, and check the time – all without [More]
  • Leather Statement Cuff

    Jewelry is very specific to an individual. Certain people are drawn to certain things. We really like the simplicity of these cuffs, though. Metal and leather. That’s it. They’re hand-crafted in the US. They have a sort of steampunk aesthetic. And when we saw our quotation options, we knew we had to have them. Choose [More]
  • Capt. Jules’ Extraordinary Telescope Ring

    We love steampunk style. The tiny top hats, the goggles (they do nothing!), the corsets, the leather, the crazy weapons. We love that there’s no canon, no official characters to cosplay, so you’re free to let your imagination go wild when designing a costume. We’re calling this amazing accessory Captain Jules’ Extraordinary Telescope Ring, named [More]
  • Capt. Jules’ Everlasting Steampunk Flask

    We respectfully call your attention to our well-known Steampunk Flask from Captain Jules. Suitable for drinking in every position. Holds more medicinal tonic and lasts longer than a disposable drinking vessel. The flask is fast becoming a household necessity. Their uses and advantages are manifold. Everyone needs one either in the house or in travelling, [More]
  • Lip Service Cult Kill Your Idols Vintage Wash Sleeveless T Shirt Size: XL

    The Lip Service Cult division Kill Your Idols Shirt is a mens and unisex design screen print distressed tee shirt. It is a loose fitting sleeveless t shirt with an overdye vintage wash. Cotton Modal blend with intentional distressing. These shirts have some intentional small holes in the fabric to make them appear to be [More]
  • Steampunk Butterfly Bella Flowy Simple T-shirt

    3.7oz, 65% Polyester, 35% Viscose Easy Relaxed Fit Conservative Scoop Neck Longer Body Length Red Marble is 91% Poly, 9% combed and ringspun cotton. 3.5oz Sizes: Small Medium Large XL 2XL Colors: Dark Grey Mint Red Marble Royal Please message us with the size and color that you want or call 918.968.4060! Thanks!!
  • The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones Morgenstern’s Ring Necklace

    A replica of Jace Morgenstern’s family ring as seen in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Product Features Size 7 Metal Ring on Cord (To Be Worn As A Pendent) Imported