Character Options Doctor Who 11 Doctors Action Figure Collector Set

The ultimate Doctor Who collectors set! Features all eleven incarnations of the Doctor presented in an impressive TARDIS display box. Also, take a look at the villains in our Doctor Who Classic Action Figures range who have done battle with these Doctors in the past. 5 Years +

Product Features

  • Doctor Who 5″ action figure 10-pack from Underground Toys
  • Imported from the UK
  • For Ages 5 & Up
RISK: Doctor Who
The Doctor's Fob Watch with Metal Keychain


Chris Swanson "I'm just this guy, you know?" says:

An excellent value for some wonderful toys! It is what it says on the box! You get all eleven versions of the Doctor (well, the canon versions, anyhow, but how could would it be to have the Cushing, Atkinson, Shakala and Unbound Doctors issued as toys?), complete with various accessories (though the Sixth Doctor gets nothing). You also get a nifty box that has biographical information on each of the Doctors. It displays nicely, too.But if you’re like me, you didn’t buy this for collector’s value (and why would you? Everyone is. It won’t be worth anything for ages). No, I bought it to open and fiddle around with. I must say I was impressed by the figures. They’re quite durable and amazingly well detailed. A friend of mine looked at them and said that if all the saw were the heads out of context, he’d know who they are.As another reviewer pointed out, correctly, buying these in this set are far cheaper than buying them separately and given that I don’t think you can get the Eighth Doctor on his own, this…

Blake Ogilvie "Iron Horseman" says:

All Eleven….Well, done, Doctor. All I have to say is….thank Gallifrey…or at least the new series of Doctor Who for the influx of Time Lord memorablia. Bear in mind, you are dealing with a person who scoured Edinburgh, Glasgow, and most regions of the UK for DW stuff…unfortunately, it was a dry spell for the series. Sylvester McCoy’s incarnation of the Seventh Doctor had folded his parasol and walked into the sunset with Ace. I did, however, manage to find a few police boxes to be photographed with….most in sad shape, sadly.But now…with Eccleston, Tennant, and now Smith….I have Flight Control Tardises, sonic screwdrivers, remote control Daleks, and an awesome remote control K-9. I must admit, however, I balked on the action figure line of the series. Some were well detailed (aliens and Doctors were usually good)…but some just lacked any sort of resemblance to the actor.Now, with the release of this incredible box set, I am pleased to say that my previous stumbling block has…

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