Dream Arcades – Cabaret Dreamcade 2.0 Cabinet

In the back of your head, you’ve had this idea for years that you were going to go out into the garage and build your own arcade cabinet. However, life has gotten in the way of this grand plan. There’s always something else to do that isn’t routing MDF exactly right or putting together the perfect machine to run your old-school emulator. And sure there are bragging rights to putting together your own cabinet, but how much are those bragging rights worth? Your weekends for a few months? Hundreds of dollars in parts, some of which might not even be the right ones? Untold frustration? Make it easy on yourself. If you purchase this Cabaret Dreamcade 2.0 Cabinet from Dream Arcades, your weekends will be spent not putting together pieces but playing Tempest, Dragon’s Lair, and Rampage. Instead of smash-smash-smashing through the side of your garage with frustration and grabbing your half-finished cabinet just to be electrocuted, you’ll pull up some long-lost muscle memories remembering how to punch and kick as Ryu. Ahh. Good times. Good times. Product Specifications Fully loaded Cabaret Dreamcade 2.0 Cabinet Great for your busy retro gamer or as an added draw for a restaurant or business owner Comes preloaded with 188 games (46 of which are ThinkGeek exclusives) – see Details & Specs tab for more info Add your own games if 188 isn’t enough 19″ arcade monitor with tempered glass Panel layout: 2 joysticks with a full 6-button layout, built-in 2.25 inch trackball, lighted utility buttons Lighted marquee Dual-core 2.4GHz processor, 1GB DDR2 RAM, ATI Radeon Xpress 1150 video card Programmable front-end menu system, MP3 jukebox, MAME emulator, Retro Reload Side-pinball buttons and hidden keyboard shelf Wi-fi enabled Delivered inside your front door or garage, including 15 minutes of inspection time (stairs not included but can be added on post purchase) Materials: 3/4″ melamine-coated MDF Dimensions: 62″ tall, 23 1/2″ wide, 29″ deep

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