Electric Paint Pen with Conductive Ink

Ok, no long stories or goofy anythings. Makers out there – you need to get an Electric Paint Pen with Conductive Ink right now (or, a few). It’s that important. Why? Because it will revolutionize how you design circuits. Well, not how you design them, but what you put them on. Huh? We’ll explain. Read on. Each Electric Paint Pen with Conductive Ink is just what the name implies: a pen applicator full of conductive paint. You can paint it onto walls, floors, and/or any surface (except skin) and it will conduct electricity. From there, your imagination is the limit for what you can make. And get this: you can (once it’s dry) paint over your Electric Paint Pen with Conductive Ink lines to help it blend in to the surface it’s on. AND, you can then add a new layer of electric paint and the two layers won’t interact (giving you the power of overlapping circuits). Get some now and start creating. Just don’t forget to send us pictures, ’cause we want to be proud of all you make with your Electric Paint Pen with Conductive Ink. Electric Paint Pen with Conductive Ink Electrically conductive paint for painting circuits onto things. Yeah, you read that right: the paint becomes part of the circuit. Water based, nontoxic, and dries at room temperature (in about 5 mins). Perfect for painting onto any surface (except skin). Works with: Electrical components, prototyping materials, PCBs, microcontrollers (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, MaKey MaKey, LilyPad, FLORA), e-textiles, and conductive thread. Tech Specs: Density: 1.16 g/ml Surface Resistivity: 55 Ω/Sq @ 50 microns. Shelf Life Unopened: 6 months Drying Temperature: Electric Paint should be allowed to dry at room temperature. Drying time can be reduced by placing Electric Paint under a warm lamp or other low intensity heat source. Average drying time is approx. 5 mins. Power Source: Electric Paint is intended for use with low voltage DC power sources and has not been tested with sources exceeding 12VDC. Higher voltages are not recommended. Repeat: Not for use on skin. Washes off with water – for easy clean up and correction. Net Wt.: 10ml

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