Electronics Essentials Starter Tool Kit

MacGyver may have been able to fix just about anything with a paper clip, a rubber band, two plastic bags and a banana, but this was back in the day when devices were simple. What would MacGyver do now with a bomb triggered by a PC or a Mac? He would scratch his head in utter confusion, because he wasn’t sure how to solve that with bubble gum. Maybe a whole LOT of gum as a blast shield? But not you. With this Electronics Essentials tool kit you will have all of the basic tools needed to repair a basic PC. You can open cases, swap out batteries, lift screens, upgrade hard disks and RAM, and otherwise just poke, pry, and rewire. Product Specifications Essential Electronics Toolkit Kit includes basic tools needed to perform at-home PC repair Great gift for tech heads (especially disorganized ones whose tools are scattered all over the house) or newbies Includes 26 bit driver kit, 2x plastic-opening tool sets, small suction cup, plastic spudger, IFixit metal ruler, anti-static wrist strap, and iFixit tool pouch

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