Marvel’s Avengers Thor Hammer,Brown/Silver

Marvel’s avengers movie

Product Features

  • Thor adult hammer
  • Length 16″
  • Official marvel licensed costume
Iron Man 3 Tony Stark Light-Up LED Shirt
Thor's Hammer 8Gb USB Drive


Micah Derryberry says:

Best Ive seen so far! I cant say for anyone else who apparently got their orders mixed up, but I can say that this product shown in the picture is the best toy/prop/collectible i have seen yet. Details are amazing, size is perfert for adults, great paint job and its structure is sound although I wouldn’t try to knockout any frost giants or chitauri aliens with it! I’ll try to give better details about the product shown in the picture. Height: 15 1/2 in. tall (top to bottom) Hammer head: 8 1/2 in. long, 5 in. tall, and 5 in. wide. Handle: 10 1/4 in. long, and 1 1/4 in. in diameter. The strap seems to be made of a painted fabric. Holds up very nicely too! If amazon doesnt get the order mixed up and they ship you the right one, then I would tell anyone looking for a GREAT accessory for their costume that this product is worth their money. No its doesnt summon lighting, but it certainly helps the imagination!

Navreet K Heneghan says:

Very sturdy – my 3 1/2 yr old loves it! My son is 3 1/2 years old and is into everything super-hero related right now. He loves his hammer! We also bought the Thor helmet, so he plays with both together. He can even stand on it, and it hasn’t broken yet. The strap in the end has been pulled out once, but we just pushed it back in again and it hasn’t come out again. Great for imagination – it isn’t small either; it’s about as tall as his legs, but light enough for him to play with.

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