Star Wars I Am Chewie Chewbacca Furry Costume Hoodie Sweatshirt

Star wars

Product Features

  • Fleece hoody
  • Costume hoody
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Star Wars Men's Darker Boba Fleece Hoodie


James E. Rossi "jmonkey" says:

Careful with sizes 0

Johnny Byrnes says:

Wookie Pimp – But size up first! First off, as a lot of reviews have mentioned, size up. I’m 6’1″ about 210lbs and normally grab Large. Based on reviews I picked up an XL and even it is a little tight, but I’m on a diet now, so I hope to shrink into it a little better. So keep that in mind. Sizing up two sizes might even be necessary for some.That being said the other thing to consider is how many comments and Wookie growling (I’ve learned there are not very many people who do a good Wookie growl) you’ll get walking around in what is essentially a “fur” coat. Luckily I work in a pretty nerdy industry so everyone at work loves it (and if they don’t they’re just haters). 😛 When out in public though, you’re going to get looks, whether someone immediately recognizes the bandolier or not. You’ll be hearing a lot of “nice hoodie” comments. The question is whether they’re saying it legitimately because they “get it”, or they’re saying it sarcastically because they think…

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