Star Wars Men’s Darker Boba Fleece Hoodie


michael robinson says:

No neck? No problem! Let me start by saying this is the coolest, most awesome, radical, sweatshirt you will ever buy. Any of the cons I am now going to talk about aren’t really reasons not to buy just annoyances you may want to be aware of before purchasing.Pros: It’s a Boba Fett sweatshirt that you can zip up over your head and see out of. Pretty comfortable and can keep you quite warm with the hood on. Not too heavy, not too light.Cons: Sizes run small; I wear medium (snug fitting) to large (kinda baggy, kinda..) sweatshirts. I’m 6’1″ average build. I had to return and buy an XL. It fits very nicely as an XL so I recommend buying a size up than what you normally get.The thing was designed for people who do not have a neck. With the hood zipped up you are supposed to be able to see out of black mesh fabric. You can but it requires some awkward positioning of your face in the hood. With the hood worn comfortably the location to see out of was located at my teeth / mouth…

Michael L. Evans says:

Great hoody 0

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