Star Wars Science Force Glove

Unleash the force with Uncle Milton’s Star Wars Science The Force Glove. Using the power of magnetism, The Force glove lets you attract and repel metal objects with the palm of your hand. Simply flip the magnet to choose between FORCE PULL and FORCE PUSH, giving you the power to push away droids or pull in a lightsaber.

Perform up-close magnetic experiments using the Force! View larger.

Discover the Power of the Force

The Uncle Milton Star Wars Science The Force Glove allows you to harness the power of the force like Anakin Skywalker. This stylish black glove with silver trim features durable rubber padding on its palm with a circular metal disc sewn in. The included puck-shaped magnet features engravings on both sides, indicating which side is for FORCE PUSH and FORCE PULL. Simply attach the magnet to your Force Glove and control the power of the force with your own hand.

Flip over the magnet to choose the Force Push or Force Pull! View larger.

Push and Pull Force Targets

Included with the Force Glove is a magnetic base with attachable Force target cut-outs of battle droids and a lightsaber. Use the palm of your glove to push the trade federation droids away, then flip the magnet around and pull the lightsaber into your hand. Our testing team found that the included magnet is not particularly strong, and is much more adept at pulling objects in than it is pushing them away. Still, the glove is strikingly designed and durably constructed. Also, running around the house drawing in metallic objects without grabbing them is an inherently fun activity that will keep Star Wars fans entertained for hours.

Informative Jedi Training Manual

Go online to to find an informative Jedi Training Manual that details missions you can undertake with your Force Glove. Print out the activity sheets and master your use of the Force.

What’s in the Box

The Force Glove, glove magnet, magnetic base with two force targets, and instructions.

Uncle Milton
Star Wars Science
The Force Glove

At a Glance:

  • Stylishly designed black and silver glove with padded rubber palm
  • Flip the magnet to choose whether it pushes or pulls
  • Includes a magnetic base Force target with attachable droid and lightsaber cutouts
  • Go online for a fun and informative The Force Glove Jedi Training Manual

Age/Weight Requirements:

  • Six years nd up

Assembly Requirements:

  • Ready to play

Product Features

  • Discover if you have the power to control the Force
  • Change the magnetic polarity
  • Force push or Force pull.
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The Matrix Fan "Video Gamer since 1979." says:

The Force is not so strong with this one. In this review, we go over the items that come in the box, and show examples of The Force Pull and The Force Push.+ PROS:+ Educational facts on magnetism and The Force+ Excellent Star Wars design- CONS:- Cardboard targets, not very durable- Novelty doesn’t last long- Younglings could become frustratedEnjoy!

Robert T. Brennan "Rob_1970" says:

Medicore Star Wars Toy I’ve seen some great Star Wars toys over the past 35 years (yes, I go way back to my 1978 lightsaber), but this glove is somewhat disappointing. The magnets are not very powerful and only work when a metal item is less than a couple of inches from the glove. The two force objects (a light saber and Battle Droids) are cheap paper cutouts and not durable (they are already destroyed in my house after two days of light usage). The glove looks OK, but is very thin and there is no strap to tighten or loosen it if your child’s hands don’t fit the glove exactly. Even worse, although there are two paper “force” objects, there is only one magnetic base for both of them (the manufacturer does not provide two, so kids have to keep switching the non durable paper cutouts and keep re-attaching them to the same base). Overall, this Star Wars offering is not very durable and not made with much quality.

katherine vonjan says:

Severe disappointment- no wonder no video I think part of the problem with the toy is that is sets up the expectation that you’ll be able to move stuff around- including the magnet. The reality is- you have to be so close to the magnet for it to work you can’t even see the 1 cm movement. It is ridiculously bad and I am surprised they are even allowed to sell such a piece of junk. I bought it for someone as a present- when he opened it he was psyched and full of anticipation, he immediately attempted to use it. So, the kid and his parents and everyone else at the birthday party saw what a lame toy this is. What a flop.

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