Trivial Pursuit : Doctor Who Edition

Show off your Whovian prowess! Fans of the BBC TV series Doctor Who can show off their knowledge by acing 600 questions covering several categories and decades of everything Doctor Who, including specific episodes, villains, quotes, plot lines, and more. This travel version of Trivial Pursuit is extremely portable due to its relatively small size, so it makes for a great companion on those long family trips to Yosemite.

Product Features

  • 600 questions with varying levels of difficulty
  • 6 custom Doctor Who categories
  • 50 years of Doctor Who trivia
  • Portable Game Play
  • Great for Family Trips or Game Night
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Kiri says:

Data Core! 0

zyg says:

disproportionately HIGH number of ‘new who’ questions – do not listen to the other reviewers! Obviously many of the reviewers know Nothing about doctorwho. Anyone who thinks this game has too many questions about the classic series has NO CLUE what they are talking about. This game has nearly TWICE as many ‘new who’ questions as classic who questions. The original series ran for 26 seasons, the new series has only 7 seasons. Therefore there should be almost 4 times more classic who questions than new who questions. Yet this game includes approximately:180 questions about classic doctorwho330 questions about new doctorwho18 questions that concern both old & new doctorwho72 questions that really have nothing to do with doctorwho – questions asking about OTHER shows that doctorwho cast&crew have been involved in, most of which are shows that have never even aired outside the uk (not even on bbcamerica).and i found 3 major errors and about 20 minor errors(if an error interferes with your ability to answer correctly, then i consider it…

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